D5.2 Initial Deployment

The Work Package 5 within the UNICORE project is responsible for the validation of UNICORE krafting solutions in specific application areas. This Deliverable 5.2 Initial Deployment - Intermediate contains a detailed report of Initial Deployment of real world UNICORE use-cases identified in deliverable D2.3. This report gives for each of six use-cases belonging to the four application domains a short summary of the expected plan at the beginning and focus on the current deployment status by describing the state of each of the use-case and identifying the different difficulties and lack of features found during the implementations in order to fed back the Core WPs. Also it is important to remark the WP3 and WP4 developed features and tools used in the deployment workflow. Also it focus on the enhancements performed to improve the security in lightweight virtualization environments by using the address space isolation techniques that will be integrated in the future.