As data becomes the new fuel of the economy and a key asset to address most societal challenges, the EU needs to invest in the creation of a seamless, secure, sovereign, and sustainable continuum of data collection, storage, and processing beyond the central cloud.

This project's vision is to realize a pathway for the understanding and development of the Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum by bringing together and making cooperate, on one side, a wide range of research projects, initiatives, developers and suppliers of Cloud-Edge-IoT (CEI) and, on the other side, the business users and potential adopters of this new technological and business paradigm with the ultimate goal to contribute to the definition of the large-scale pilots envisaged by the European Commission.

This initiative is a joint effort of two Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs), Unlock CEI and Open Continuum, which work in coordination to reach the stated common goal, also by aggregating the results of relevant projects funded under the Meta-Operating Systems for the Next Generation IoT and Edge Computing Cluster and benefitting from the synergies and legacy of other existing EU projects in the domains of Cloud, Edge, IoT, AI, and connectivity.