CHARITY Project Participates in SWForum Webinar on Software Technologies and Standards: Enabling Interoperability and Innovation

Innovative framework set to meet the hurdles of media applications head-on

CHARITY is a project focused on exploring the possibilities of cloud holography and augmented reality. It aims to develop advanced media applications that leverage these technologies, enabling immersive and interactive experiences for users. By combining cloud computing and cutting-edge holographic displays, CHARITY seeks to push the boundaries of media technology and create innovative solutions for various industries.

Synergy with

The CHARITY project, a project that combines cloud computing and augmented reality to create immersive and interactive holographic experiences, took part in the SWForum webinar titled "Software Technologies and Standards: Enabling Interoperability and Innovation," held on 21 February 2023. The webinar, hosted by, aimed to explore the role of software technologies and standards in fostering interoperability and driving innovation in various domains.

Ferran Diego, representing the CHARITY project, made a significant contribution to the second webinar series of on software technologies and standards enabling interoperability and innovation.

CHARITY - Ferran Diego

As a representative of Telefonica, Ferran Diego shared valuable insights on the role of standards in supporting advanced media applications. He emphasized the importance of interoperability and innovation in the software industry, highlighting how adherence to standards can drive seamless integration and collaboration among different technologies and platforms.

During the webinar, Ferran Diego shed light on the CHARITY Project's efforts in developing standards-based solutions for advanced media applications. By leveraging software technologies and adhering to industry standards, CHARITY aims to enhance the capabilities of media applications, enabling seamless content creation, distribution, and consumption across various devices and platforms.

Ferran Diego's participation in the webinar demonstrated the commitment of CHARITY and Telefonica to driving industry-wide collaboration and promoting interoperability through the adoption of standards. By supporting advanced media applications with standards, CHARITY aims to empower content creators, service providers, and end-users with enhanced functionalities and improved user experiences.

The participation of Ferran Diego and CHARITY in the webinar series highlights the project's dedication to advancing the field of advanced media applications and its commitment to promoting interoperability and innovation within the software industry. Their valuable insights and expertise contribute to the collective efforts of the software community in shaping the future of interoperable and innovative software solutions.

Read the full report here. You can also watch the webinar recording or get a copy of the presentations here.