D5.1 Deployment plan, requirements and business cases

This deliverable marks the milestone fifth version of the UNICORE Deployment Plan, Requirements and Business Cases document. The goal of the EU-funded UNICORE project is to develop a common code-base and toolchain that will enable software developers to rapidly create secure, portable, scalable, high-performance solutions starting from existing applications. Key to this is to compile an application into very lightweight virtual machines - known as unikernels - where there is no traditional operating system, only the specific bits of operating system functionality that the application needs. The resulting unikernels can then be deployed and run on standard high-volume servers or cloud computing infrastructure.

The technology developed by the project will be evaluated in a number of trials, spanning several application domains. This document details the target deployment plans for the Unikernels, the requirements for each of the use-cases to be tested during the validation phase of UNICORE, the associated business models and business cases for each use-case. This document details and finishes with a conclusion section.