Reserve your seat for the upcoming SWForum.eu Webinar on 21 February 2023 - 15:00-16:30 CET

On the 21st of February, the SWForum.eu project is organising a 90-minute webinar "Software Technologies and Standards: Enabling Interoperability and Innovation" to present practical examples of standards at work in applications ranging from virtual and augmented reality to autonomous mission-critical components, and raise awareness of programmes and assistance made available to the software community by the European Commission for effective use of standards and participation in the standardisation process.

The webinar is divided into three main parts. The first introductory part illustrates the open source software and standardisation strategy to be presented by Luis Carlos Busquets Perez, EU Programme Officer in DG Connect E2. The second part involves EU-funded projects, such as CHARITY, MEDINA and EUCloudEdgeIoT, which will be showcasing how they are leveraging standards in software development initiatives. In addition, HSbooster.eu will be presenting the standardisation resources available to researchers and projects. The final session will involve panellists discussing how software technologies and standards are enabling interoperability and innovation to strengthen the EU's global competitiveness.

SWForum Webinar

SWForum.eu, the European forum of the software research community, aims to raise awareness and strengthen the competitiveness of the European Software Industry by facilitating a sustainable European forum that encourages both researchers and practitioners, as well as projects in software, digital infrastructure, and cybersecurity to create intersections of expertise and a multidisciplinary approach to research and innovation.

The webinar is free of charge but registration is required.

More information about the webinar, its agenda and registration are available here.

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